GoodLuck is an electro-swing and dance group consisting of Ben Peters and Juliet Harding. They produce a mix of jazzy melodies over a catchy dance beat, making them highly popular among the youths. Tune into their music here:

Taking it Easy (official video)

jason hartman


Jason Hartman is a singer-songwriter and the 2009 co-winner of season 5 of the Idols (South Africa). Jason started his career back in 1996 whilst, still at school, playing in a young three-piece rock band called Triad before moving on to Samson Show Band, made up of him, his brother and father. In July 2003, Jason and his brother (Scott Hartman), Father (Sam Hartman) and band-mate Donovan Thatcher formed the band Men of Trees. Their repertoire included Counting Crows, Sting, Bob Marley, and much more.


Catch him live at one of our main stages at H.O.G. AP Convention 2015 or simply click here to see videos of his amazing past performances!




One of the hottest rising female DJs in Indonesia right now, Rizuka Amor is the latest newcomer on the world of electronic dance music. The former FHM Girl Next Door (2014) now spins regularly with the big boys such as Riri Mestica, appearing in Indonesia’s leading clubs and at first-class events.


Get a taste of her action here, before she entices the crowd in Bali.



Ghapi has quickly won the public’s heart as the new rock sensation. A drummer who also sings, Ghapi’s unique ability to communicate with the audience and the way in which he engages the audience in his performances, places him in a league of his own.


He is famous for his trademark drumming technique, astonishing the audience with his adrenaline-fuelled drumming and powerful voice. Catch a glimpse of his performance here:


In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins cover)



r.r.o.b is partly made of DJ Riri Mestica, an Indonesian DJ and producer who has been dominating the local nightlife landscape and won numerous awards for his talent. He also serves the international audience around the region. He plays alongside international stars such as Will-i-am, Underworld, Nick Warren, Dennis Ferrer and James Lavelle to name a few, at famed rave parties such as Zoukout and the F1 Singapore after parties.


Familiarize yourself with his award-winning tunes here and don’t miss out on the chance to see him spin live with electrooby, a rising electronic dance music producer.



Brent Harris is a founder member and drummer for Super-group Just Jinjer, famous for doing jazzy background sets, upbeat party sessions, and the trademark drum solo.


Brent has graced the stage with many international acts including U2, Live, Goo Goo Dolls, John Legend, Peter Gabriel Counting Crows, Def Leppard, Stevie Wonder and Annie Lennox.


Check out this video to take a closer look at them before catching their live act in Bali!



I Wayan Balawan, an original Balinese, is one of the most prominent guitarists in Indonesia thanks to his skill in playing double-neck guitar. Dubbed as having ?magic fingers?, Balawan has developed the 8-fingers touch technique (also known as touch tapping style) which earned him the nickname of the Fastest Guitarist in Indonesia.


Watch his amazing guitar technique here and be prepared to be blown away when you see him live in Bali!