a. Participant package is valid only if it is purchased with the procedure that has been determined for the online purchase through electronic/online transactions on the official website i.e. www.hogapconvention.com

b. Purchasers are legally entitled to only print the e-package one time for each package purchased. Duplicating the E-package is not allowed and is illegal.

c. Each package is using a unique recognition code and is only valid for one person.

d. Organizer reserves the right to process and litigate in accordance with the Indonesian Law either in civil or criminal proceedings against any person who get packages in ways that are not valid, including but not limited to counterfeiting or copying a valid package or get a package in a way that do not match those specified by the organizer as in item (a) of this provision.

e. Organizer is not responsible for any act or omission including negligence of the package purchaser that resulted in the purchaser’s E-package falling to the hands of others (in the possession of others) to be used as an admission / exchange the actual package that eliminates the package buyer from entering the venue / exchange the E-package.

f. Packages are NON-refundable and nontransferable.

g. Purchaser hereby agrees to release the organizer from any legal claims whatsoever, through the courts or any other means permitted by law in the event of cancellation of any performance by a performer that was made unilaterally by the artist/performer or the government or others causes beyond the reasonable control and/or capacity and will of the organizer. Organizer shall not be responsible for any loss or damages of any nature whatsoever caused to the Purchaser and Purchaser shall not be entitled to any claim in case the entire H.O.G. Convention or any part thereof is cancelled or postponed due to law, regulation, executive or judicial order, judgment, act of God or of public enemy, embargo, quarantine, insurrection, fire, earthquake, accident, authority of law and/or legislative or administrative measures (including the withdrawal, of any government authorization), strike, riot, civil disturbance, condition of war (declared or undeclared), or by any other cause beyond Organizer’s control, or by reason of the death, illness or incapacity of any of the performer(s), director and/or producer(s) of the event.

h. When there is a cancellation of the event, packages can be refunded in accordance with organizer’s stipulation.

i. Any form of outside food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the venue.

j. Any form of illegal drugs, narcotics, psychotropic substance etc. is strictly prohibited.

k. Carrying knifes, firearms and any kind of weapons are strictly prohibited by national regulations in the venue.

l. Organizer does not provide locker onsite and is not responsible for any lost goods.

m. Organizer is entitled to remove the participant from the convention and training if it is deemed necessary for safety.


a. Should you cancel your paid participation on or before 31st August 2015, you are entitled to refund of 50% of your total payment excluding government tax, levis etc.

b. Should you cancel your paid participation after 30th September 2015, you are NOT entitled to any refund.


•    Organizer has the right to determine exchange rate.

•    The exchange rate fluctuates every single day and will be updated by Organizer everyday at precisely 10:00 AM, Jakarta time (GMT+7).

•    The exchange rate is based on the real-time rate of Bank Indonesia.

•    To check rate, please click Bank Indonesia (www.bi.go.id)

•    Rounding policies also apply in the payment.

•    Organizer has the right to determine rounding up of all odd-amount payment.

•    By clicking confirm or yes to the payment, you have agreed to all terms and conditions mentioned herein including the payment disclaimer written on this page.


•    Participant should understand the terms and conditions of cancellation upon agreeing to pay for participating in H.O.G. Convention 2015.

•    Participant should send a blank email to admin@darugagroup.com with the Subject: “Canceling Registration”.

•    Administrator will then send an email with questions to verify the participant’s data.

•    Participant is required to fill in all questions correctly and send back the email to admin@darugagroup.com.

•    Once Administrator verifies and finds all correct answers, they will send an email confirming the amount of refund that will be received by the Participant.

•    Refunds are NON-negotiable.

•    Cancelled participant is allowed to re-register in the competition, but organizer cannot guarantee the same facilities to be received by the said participant.


When you visit www.hogapconvention.com or send emails to us, you are deemed to be communicating with us electronically. You consent to receive communications from us electronically. We will communicate with you by email or by posting information and notices on this site. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.


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The information we collect

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How we use the information

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If necessary for the purposes mentioned above, Harley-Davidson may transfer your Customer Identifiable Information to third parties and these third parties may use your Customer Identifiable Information for such purposes. These third parties may include Harley-Davidson’s dealers, advisors, rental operators, companies providing products and services (such as IT systems suppliers) to Harley-Davidson and, to the extent required by law, regulatory authorities (including tax authorities). Harley-Davidson also may transfer your Customer Identifiable Information to its business alliance companies that have entered into a contract with Harley-Davidson to offer, endorse, or sponsor a Harley-Davidson branded product, program, or service.


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Our approach to data security
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Our commitment to children’s privacy
We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of children. For this reason, we do not collect or maintain information from children we know are under 13 except as permitted by law.


Collection of information by third parties
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How to contact us
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Changes in practices
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